since 1976


Insure-Aid has provided Catastrophe Adjusting Teams (CAT) and All Lines Temporary Insurance Personnel (TIP) to the Insurance Industry since 1976.

Insure-Aid has a large pool of Preferred Adjusters that have many years of experience, excellent communication
skills, and professional integrity.

Insure-Aid has serviced up to 10,000 Residential, Commercial, and Mobile Home claims a year ranging from no
payment made to multi-million dollar losses.

Insure-Aid has serviced major Hurricanes since 1983 including Alicia, Hugo, Andrew, Opal, Florida 4 in 04, Dennis,
Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Ike, and Irma.

Insure-Aid has serviced many other major events including Tornado, Large Metro Hail Storms, Earthquake, and

Insure-Aid has serviced hundreds of moderate to small events.

Insure-Aid has serviced All Lines Non-Catastrophe claims for many years.

Insure-Aid Owner, Norman Jacobs, established Insure-Aid 42 years ago and continues to be responsible for all
aspects of the firm’s endeavors.

Insure-Aid Operations Manager, Scott Strauss, joined Insure-Aid 22 years ago and is responsible for management
and supervision.

Insure-Aid Team Leads, Trainers, Dispatchers and Administrative Support are also integral parts of our structure.

Insure-Aid Contract Independent Adjusters are the driving force that support our clients.

Insure-Aid uses our 42 years of history and experience while continuing to update our knowledge and skills to better service the Insurance Claims Industry into the future. 

Original Insure-Aid Trade Name Affidavit Filed 1976


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